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모든 성도 For all the saints / Williams


모든 성도 For all the saints / Williams
A recording of the great Vaughan Williams tune (SINE NOMINE) by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. I’ve put some images with the music. No copyright violations intended. I looked for a good version of this hymn on YouTube and didn’t find one with lyrics, so I made this. “For All the Saints” is one of my favorite hymns. Although this recording omits two verses, I still think it is the most beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder if this would mean more to me personally if I was more religious, but I doubt it. Even so, I have long been struck by this hymn’s majestic tune and verses. I think it beautifully expresses a very natural longing and continuity with tradition. I remember the text all the time, but especially around All Saints Day.